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The Ultimate Bath and Shower Tray Seals

Installation is fast and easy

Fitting requires no special skills or tools. Just 3 easy steps:

  1. Measure and cut the seal strips as required. The strips are supplied with pre-cut mitred ends to speed installation.
  2. Separate the seal strips and prepare the corners as shown in the fitting instructions.
  3. Apply the Sealing Adhesive and position each strip in turn to achieve a permanant, mould free seal that will last the life of your bathroom.

Our bath and shower seals are easy to fit, by the professional or DIY user and are suitable for all flat topped bath/shower rims and work-tops. Fitting instructions are included in the pack or you can view our guides and YouTube videos of the fitting process below.

RockitSeal Installation

See here for a step by step guide to RockitSeal installation

TeleSeal New Bathroom (Under Tile)

TeleSeal Existing Bathroom (Over Tile)